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[vc_rydon_section title=”crushing poverty and sustaining lives utilising sustainable economic, social and environmental development” description=”Recently the United Nations reworked its Millennium goals into the new Sustainable Development Goals which now has 17 targets and topics with the ambition of eliminating absolute poverty by 2030. As one of those who will play a part in striving for this ambition, I have formed an organisation of highly qualified and seasoned professional researchers supported by the very best young graduates that want to focus on helping research ways to eradicate extreme poverty, in the UK, Europe and Globally.” background_color=”#edeef0″][vc_rydon_creative_minds columns_count=”4″ image=”2228″ title=”Owner Director” description=”Presently studying a joyfully perennial Bid and Tender Masterclass, getting serious with an MSc in International Development at SOAS and then progressing to research a PhD at CIRAD Montpellier, which is a “French agricultural research and international cooperation organisation working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.“”][vc_rydon_creative_minds columns_count=”4″ image=”2226″ description=”I am making my way to Africa via France employing the fearless as I go. I want to be a part of the very excellence in quality research, make a valuable contribution to the fight against poverty and be an element of worldwide knowledge sharing. I can’t understand why these issues have not been resolved and why it fails to be a priority in our world especially when we know we can solve this travesty…..and we WILL !”][vc_rydon_creative_minds columns_count=”4″ image=”2021″ description=”Aside from being an aeonian, crazed academic, I am a Writer, with an incurable addiction to epistemology. Controversialist. Dirty realist. And much to my constant detriment a determined non-conformist. Lover of Absurdism, Meaninglessness and The Marx Brothers and a Scientist consumed by the starvation within the Sahel. I think we can agree that there are no better qualifications for such an arduous objective…”][/vc_rydon_section]
[vc_rydon_section][vc_rydon_text_block columns_count=”4″ title=”About Us”]This is a social purpose organisation delivering a positive impact that will assist in the eradication of the continuing poverty that occurs in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). We want to be an independent unaligned body of researchers and reporters that concentrate solely on finding a long-lasting solution through means of access to trade markets for rural farmers and rural people. We need to replace international aid as it is misused, prone to corruption and rarely helps the people in need out of poverty. These behaviours hurt not help economic development, there needs to be a change and soon. Within the next five years, we want to become a world-leading Think Tank in Poverty alleviation. Not only will we be looking at agricultural trade as a resolution but also the introduction of Blockchain Technology to create secure decentralised supply chains for the providers. Because let’s face it, it is ludicrous to accept people dying of starvation or malnutrition in the 21st Century.

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Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)



Agricultural Economics Society


Agricultural & Applied Economics Association


International Association of Agricultural Economics




Camden Climate Change Alliance





[/vc_rydon_text_block][vc_rydon_accordion columns_count=”4″ title=”Our Goals”][vc_rydon_accordion_item opened=”yes” title=”POVERTY ERADICATION”]It is a huge aspiration but what’s the point of a goal if you don’t set the bar high? We want to look at the role agriculture will potentially hold in the development of communities. We are also excited about working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it needs more traction and we want to be a part of that initiative.

[/vc_rydon_accordion_item][vc_rydon_accordion_item title=”A NEW ERA FOR TRADE”]It is, of course, good to see in recent years that outdated trade protection such as quotas and tariffs are being removed, even so, countries are being regulated out of the market by biased product standards that are politically guided and favour the wealthier countries. There has to be a more inclusive agreement a continent such as Africa shouldn’t have to import the bulk of its food.

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We had to start somewhere and these guys are handing us the tools to begin and continue. “The range of qualifications developed by APM, the chartered body for the project profession, offers a progressive structure for career development, from the ‘fundamentals’ of project management through to ‘management’ and ‘professional’ levels of understanding, requiring more advanced learning and assessment”.

[/vc_rydon_accordion_item][vc_rydon_accordion_item title=”UNIQUE RESEARCH”]Whilst we are developing as an Independent Research Organisation through the processes of Tenders/Proposals nationally and internationally, we shall be learning about the issues and the blocks to alleviating poverty. This will then lead the way for us to start doing our own unique research for businesses, charities, NGOs and individuals, which will give us a better understanding of how to tackle this continuing devastation and help create some sustainable resolves.